At Let Them Grow we offer full-time child care.

For children from birth to 5 years and after school care from Grade 00 to Grade 2.

Our children learn social and emotional skills, explore the collective games and learn language in a fun environment. The group rooms are specially designed for babies, toddlers and school children and provide sleep, rest, play and learn areas.

Let Them Grow is run by experienced and dedicated teachers in a child-friendly way to be prepared for, and promoted to, primary school. The goal is school readiness for English and Afrikaans speaking primary schools. This is achieved by weekly themes and projects that are developed and implemented over an extended period with the kids.

 The journey into the world begins with the little Starfish. The caretaker ratio we provide is at least one caretaker for two children and a nurse on site which monitors the development and physical well-being of the children. We help families with babies from the very first day of the new-borns.

Around 9 to 15 months our babies move into the first of three toddler classes called Seahorses to form close friendships, exercise their gross motor skills, play together and learn from each other. We have specific fun walkways for the first steps.

Once the little Seahorses are safe on their feet, they join the Turtles to play, experiment and learn like only toddlers can. Our shaded playground and weekly themes ensure a fun learning environment.

Once our Turtles are out of the toddler phase, they join the group of Dolphins where they start to develop the skills for big school, including basic skills such as sitting still for a period of time, listening closely to instructions and doing exactly as being instructed. Of course, they also have lots of fun discovering limits and boundaries while running, playing and learning.  

The Whale class is the last step before Pre-Primary and according to the Gauteng Department of Education (CAPs) we get our little one’s school ready.


We offer you and your child.


  • ​A loving and safe environment

  • Understanding and compassion

  • Clean and serene classrooms

  • Nutritious, balanced meals

  • Constant supervision. Children are never left unsupervised

  • Care about you and your family

  • Extremely high standards

  • Working lovingly with you through the difficult stages of growing up

  • You are kept informed of your child’s activities, meals, progress and incidents

  • Discussion of your child’s needs at any point without prejudice

  • Because we care, we will contact you if your child is not at school

  • Accommodating management and staff, addressing your and your child’s needs

  • Experienced staff who care and children who do not want to go home

  • Trained First Aiders on site and an NHC Health Centre on the next corner Other Services: Kids transport, aftercare, a holiday programme and a Bubbles and Balloons party venue at the school.


Educational Goals / Social Development

Social Development

  • To develop awareness of others

  • Communication skills

  • To be able to interact with adults

  • To be encouraged towards independence Physical Development

Physical Development

  • To develop manipulative skills

  • To provide opportunities to gain control over his/her body

  • To develop spatial awareness

  • To develop hand/eye co-ordination Emotional Development

Emotional Development

  • Develop self esteem

  • To be encouraged to express his/her feelings

  • To be provided with a secure environment

  • To develop confidence

  • To be able to cope with fears anxieties and different experiences

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