038e31b9d1a61a0f797be86513324815Skills and Knowledge

We do not believe in a narrow focus only on academics in preschool education.

 School readiness is more than the child’s ability to sit still, hold a pencil and put on shoes independently. It is also more than

letter knowledge and counting skills. School readiness includes all learning related skills, such as expressing thoughts, wants and needs, controlling emotions, and showing curiosity, concentration, persistence and social competence.

In the way we teach, act, explain and work with the children we make sure all of the above is covered.

f36f75698d667234821c3ebda07cffa7Emotional Development

Positive and nurturing experiences and relationships have a significant impact on a child’s social-emotional development.

They also influence how the brain develops and learns.

The skills of emotional competence do not develop in isolation and their progression is intimately tied to cognitive development.

At Let Them Grow we tie the strings together and see the child as a whole.

In our safe environment, we develop children to be their confident, smart self, ready for big school.

Cheerful colorized retro fashion little girl at school room haviBig School

We equip our children with general knowledge and the necessary survival skills as best we can to allow your child to easily adapt to a school environment when they graduate.

We keep in touch with them as it allows us to track children’s progress in the years thereafter.

Over the years we got wonderful feedback from primary school teachers and parents congratulating us to the well-prepared children coming out of our preschool.

We will help your little one get ready for “Big School” and you can be sure they will fit in and stand out!

“Let’s play school!” – If you know that sentence your child is probably already a preschooler. We love that excitement in our kids and guide them in a gentle way towards their next big adventure. While focusing on exercising concentration, attention to detail, patience and other soft skills, we get the kids familiar with the topics and themes as recommended by the Gauteng curriculum. By the time they join a school, you can be sure they fit in and stand out!

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