Baby Care

Our precious little babies are in the professional care of senior caretaker and a nurse who looks after them well. We are equipped for up to 15 babies at a time who spend their day in the main house and a beautiful garden and park. It is important to us that your child spends the day discovering, learning, resting, playing, interacting, eating and sleeping in an healthy balance. How that balance is achieved is of course according to your babies needs and your wishes.

We will show you around our facilities with pleasure!


We have plenty of opportunities for your child to play, develop and discover the world. In small groups of not more than 2 children (in fact, we often have a 1-to-1 ratio) our little masterminds learn not just towards their milestones but towards their goals at their own speed. With regular updates for the parents and checks through a health professional we make sure that your baby as a whole is right on track (and often far ahead) of schedule.

72d4a9_7e389110252f4790a5ad0870fadda32cBabies’ Daily Requirements

  • Bottles and the milk of your choice
  • Disposable nappies
  • A minimum of two changes of clothes per day
  • Bibs, hats and face cloths
  • Dummy if used – attached securely to clothes
  • Wet wipes, cream and sun block
  • Sleeping security blanket
  • Toys of choice


We believe that children have a right to healthy and fresh superfoods and we make sure in every meal that the highest standards are covered. We prepare organic fresh food every day. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own food too, or tell us about special dietary requirements. For the smallest ones, we make sure we always have your bottle of ‘mommy’s best’ available or your brand of choice.

72d4a9_b0f1143c8bbc48ccb59e05f69aa73fe7Getting Comfy

Being away from mommy is hard, that’s why we make sure your little one has the time of their life with us. Playtime, nap time, eat time – no matter what time of day, we adjust to the rhythm you want us to have. It is important to us that we work together with you as a team to make your little one not just happy but content.

You are welcome to bring favourite toys, blankets, clothes and anything which makes your little one feel most settled. Getting comfy is about your baby and your family, it is not about us.

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