The Nursery

Our nursery school is wonderful place. Yes, it is loud at times, but who can not love the laughter, happiness and joy of toddlers and young kids cheering at the top of their lungs for their friends in the games we play and fun we have. If it is ever quiet?! Sure, we have nap time too!

We do not believe in open days, every day is open day for us, so if you are interested in joining us, come past and we show you around.

72d4a9_0d211825b848422dbb0b27d9fcef5816Opening Times

Let Them Grow School Calendar We follow the government school holiday calendar in December and January and will be closed during the specified dates. We don’t close any other time except public holidays, and we make provision for two long weekends per year to do maintenance and for staff to enjoy a well deserved break. 

School Starting Times

  • Gates open at 06h15
  • Gates close at 17:30 in the afternoon
  • Overtime will be levied for every 15 minutes after 17:30 in the afternoon and an additional amount is payable for every 15 minutes after 18:00.

72d4a9_59ae339fc1b848f1a4bc2669200436bePlay Time

Our children do not have TV-knees; they love the outdoors and learn through playing. Messy play, walking barefoot on the grass and playing in the sandpit all develops their skills and enhances intelligence. 


  • Our own garden park to play and explore
  • Gigantic scooter racecourse on the tennis court
  • Children have a sandpit and playground in the shades of magestic trees

Our other activities include:

  • Scribbling, colouring, painting and pasting
  • Musical development
  • Hand, eye and feet coordination
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Playground activities and ball action
  • Baking and creativity
  • Gardening practical
  • Better safe than sorry: Basic first aid and fire fighter lessons for our kids

72d4a9_31dae7dbb96e4e9aae499a92bb0fad39Extra Murals

There are nine 20 minute classes per term. Extra murals commence at 08h30 every day. Usually there are 4 lessons per month, if however there is a 5 week month, the fifth lesson will be free, but if a public holiday falls on the day of your child’s lesson,  no credit will be given as the public holiday and the fifth lessons counterbalance each other. Some activities are weather permitting but we do guarantee 9 lessons per term.

Extra mural schedule:

  • Gardening Lessons every Monday;
  • Little Magic Fingers Computer Club every Monday;
  • Ballet and Hip Hop combo every Friday (2 years and older);
  • Ball action every Tuesday(2 years and older);
  • Baking every Wednesday (2 years and older);
  • We own a B-sharp Beetles Music Franchise. Every Thursday. All ages. Strongly recommended for babies birth and up;
  • LTG Science Class every Tuesday (3 years and older);
  • Arts and Crafts Class every Friday (3 years and older);
  • Swimming – weather permitting

Please note that should you elect for your child not to participate in extra mural activities, they will not feel left out. Staff members do other activities during this time.

Extras Murals runs per term from January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December

72d4a9_b2a2c97860bf49a69b932ef03fb783f8Children’s Clothing Requirements

Please send your child to school in practical, comfortable clothing that will in no way inhibit his/her development. Children learn through their senses and by experimenting in their environment. Please allow your children to play and learn freely without being overly concerned about dirt or damage. 

  • Please send a spare change of clothing to school in your child’s bag each day
  • Please include a jersey for cooler weather.
  • Hats are compulsory in summer.
  • All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.


The Sick Child

If your little one is not feeling well, has a bad cold or was sick the previous night, he should not attend school and preferably be kept at home until he is feeling better. However Let Them Grow offers a quarantine service where we take care of the child with gentle activities or bed rest.

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