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No Child is Left Behind

A Private Baby Daycare Centre In Northcliff, Johannesburg

With comprehensive experience and generations of happy and smart children, we are proud to be a well-known and recommended daycare in Northcliff. Our staff are multilingual and multicultural and we cater for the individual needs of each of our children.

At Let Them Grow, no child is left behind! No matter if it is specific dietary requirements, medical support, language needs or educational support, we are well-equipped to make your child’s day a learning adventure and giving you peace of mind. Our services include daycare for babies starting from birth, and for children up to 5 years of age and Grade R, as well as a holiday programme and after school care for school children.

With first class concierge service, you will be sure to know you’ve made the right choice. We offer a pick ‘n drop travel service, a sick bay, nanny and babysitter service and much more to take the daily pressure off your shoulders. Marinda Swart is a mother herself and knows that time is indeed the most precious resource. That is the reason she is supporting families with generous opening times from 05h45 to 18h00. Her staff are committed to keeping the school open during government school holidays so you can take leave when it suits you.

We are a family business and families are our business.

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Education • Exploration • Enrichment

Our Mission and Vision

To take excellent care of every single child placed under our supervision and to educate them in preparation for “Grade R” and beyond.

  • To utilize and to secure the right people with knowledge, skills and experience for the task
  • To develop and to maintain a good team spirit and interpersonal relationships
  • To have very good communication lines, share information and feedback systems to ensure quality
  • To offer a safe and healthy environment
  • Practising good organization and planning for quality service
  • Offering a play and educational environment in which the children will participate
  • To measure our success through parents feedback, research mechanisms and by staying in touch with the needs of the children
  • Always ensuring happy and motivated children and staff who look forward to enjoy each new day in the company of each other

Transport Service

Need Transport?

Safety Is Our Rule

We pick and drop your kids with our Concierge Service!

Keep Time

Early Riser? Work-a-holic?


We are open from 05h45 until 18h00 to suit your needs.

Educational Goals

Your Child's Future is Important To Us!
Social Development
Physical Development
Emotional Development


Prepared To Help Your Child Grow

Support & Encouragement

To Help Your Child Thrive In A Healthy Environment


Learn About Our Programmes

We encourage and support you and your child in a safe and healthy environment to prepare for the next steps towards their future. From birth and beyond preschool, we are prepared to meet each child’s individual needs. No Child Is Left Behind! Learn about each of our programmes below.

Healthy Balance

Expert care of  your baby’s needs and your wishes. Devoted to keeping your baby healthy and happy.

Hands On

Lots of activities for your child to learn from and have fun with.  Hands on experiences will teach them valuable skills and enhance their intelligence.

Getting prepared

We help your child prepare for that step into school with gentle guidance, support and encouragement.

Safe & Healthy Environment

Parents can feel confident and comforted knowing their children are in good hands after school or during holiday periods.

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Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about enrollment.